How to verify Commercial SSL?

1. To complete the verification process for File method:

  1. Create a certum.txt file.

  1. Include the verification code / TXT Code in the content of the file:-

For example:- "".

  1. Place the file on the hosting server of the domain name "" in the folder - /.well-known/pki-validation/

             (Note:- During the initial verification process, it is required for the user to create these folders.)

  2. Check if the file is publicly available by going to


2. To complete the verification process for DNS_TXT method:
  1.  Create a TXT record in the DNS database for domains “”.

  2. Place the following string of characters

    For Example:- “5dc75b4fa23dfeba664e7237d728d5d59aa68c27bc9040a766aa06a”
     as the content of the record.

  3.  Check if the record is publicly available - it can take up to 24 hours to update DNS records. To check the content of a record you can use the tool

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